Weekend #269: My view this Saturday

On Saturday this was my view.


Went to Taeyang‘s show with my sub-squad (*LOL!)

He performed in the fest along with the other 2 artists (Akdong Musician and NELL – AkMu was the cutest things aliiiiivvvveeee!!! They were like chickadees I love them so muchh).

Since this wasn’t Taeyang’s solo concert, he only performed for about 50 minutes. Too bad, but better than not at all. He’s my favorite in BIGBANG, hehehe..


Weekend #249: His Weekend, Not Mine.

Who cares about my weekend if Dong Youngbae just did a fucking stagedive at Macao Afterparty this weekend.


Thank you Jiyong for the video. Hmpf… 😪

@__youngbae__ got turntuppp #lastnight

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What lucky Macao VIPs 👍👑

Weekend #224: Val Day with The Sun

Went to Taeyang‘s RISE concert in Jakarta last Saturday (yes it was Valentine’s Day ^,^).

I won a Soundcheck Party ticket, so this I present you how I probably looked like on the pit when I was watching the soundcheck.


Youngbae without make-up was too cute to stare at. I couldn’t handle his cute little zits all over his lower cheeks!!!! And I was so close to the stage!!

**note** I watched the Soundcheck alone 😥 But I got to see the main show with my sisters and one of our good friends! It was super fun!! Thank you girlsss for our fun togetherrr! I love you all! ❤ (Was planning to draw you girls but I got too lazzzzyyyyy.. SORRRYYYY T__T)

Feature: Mural of Melodies

I haven’t listened to my iPod for a while now and I missed doing it.

But listening to music isn’t like watching movies or reading books. It’d just feel awkward to listen to music and not do anything else. Like, it’d be so awkward to listen to your iPod and just stare at your bedroom ceiling.

So I decided to make a mural while I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle.

Not JUST a doodle, but I’d write the song down everytime I’d start a new line of drawing. So you’ll know what song was playing when I drew that line.

Hahaha not a big deal, but I thought it’d be fun.

So here’s what it turned out like. (I wish I had a scanner, though, so I could scan the whole picture in good quality).





Can you guess how many songs it took for me to finish this drawing? Leave a comment! If you can mention the whole songlists, it’ll be better!

Have fun!