Weekend #274: Meet The Artist

It’s been so long since the last time I posted here!!!

My laptop crashed and refused to boot up so I had to bring it to a service center and they reisntalled the OS and everything, so I lost everything in it including my precious data and of course: PHOTOSHOP. So I haven’t done a drawing since then because I actually haven’t reinstalled my Photoshop.

Anyway I got tagged my friend Uwi on instagram about this trending #meettheartist hashtag so I gotta start drawing again eventually.

Here’s my take on that challenge.


Do you have your own version of #meettheartist tag?



Weekend #272: Happy Halloween!!!

It’s the time of year I most love!

So I did not one, not two, but THREE drawings for this special day!




Happy Halloween! Trick or trick!! *for there is only tricks in this life, and no treat for us.


PS: I still love THIS drawing, though. I think this exceeds my expectation haha.

PPS: I’m like, so inconsistent on my style of drawing. Hahahahah..


Weekend #253: Watercolor Kind of Day

This Saturday I played around with watercolor paint, instead of drawing another digital doodle. I really need to practice so much more hmpf….

Was going to make stars on the background so it looked like she was standing in a galaxy window but I forgot I didn’t have white paint LOL!

This one was a total fail because I was imagining a more neat and dark woods. I really suck at shading, really. Meh.

For this one I think kinda worked hehehe.. I somehow like it even before I paint it with watercolor, but I guess it’s fine with the color, too. One thing, though… I forgot to make the blush a little more oval than circles! Hahahaha…


Anyway. I think I’m gonna play more with this technique in the future till I can crack it all right.

How do you like it? 😉