Weekend #272: Happy Halloween!!!

It’s the time of year I most love!

So I did not one, not two, but THREE drawings for this special day!




Happy Halloween! Trick or trick!! *for there is only tricks in this life, and no treat for us.


PS: I still love THIS drawing, though. I think this exceeds my expectation haha.

PPS: I’m like, so inconsistent on my style of drawing. Hahahahah..



Weekend #178: Happy Halloween!

Went to the school’s Halloween Dance Party last Saturday.

I was planning to go as Wednesday Addams this Halloween, but her costume costed about $44 and I’m a friggin’ scholarship student, no time for spending almost half a hundred dollar for a one-time dress. Ha!

So I put anything I have in one and let people decide who I was.



Took picture with some friends who got the best costume everrr: Billy and Ted!

…is it coincidence if I say they both are Koreans? 진짜 대박, 아냐??? Hahahaha…


So who do you think I was?

I kinda think I looked a little like a gothic circus girl or something.


Weekend #177: Harvest of Not-So-Terror

Ohhhhhhhh been… THREE weeks since the last time I drew??? Sorry! ASSIGNMENTTSSS!! They just been captivating me every weekend. Finally got a time to draw again now! 😀

Well, last Saturday I went to Buckley for The Harvest of Terror. Had been wanting to go for a Monster Safari, but when we arrived there, the night was soooooooo foggy and super creepy!!!!!!!!!! I got chickened out big time! LOL!

So I only did the unhaunted Corn Maze.


It was still exciting, though! I love Halloweeennn!! ^_^