Weekend #271: People I Thank God For

This post is dedicated to three of the people in my life I truly thank God for.


The girl on the far left is having her 30th birthday today! Happy birthday Nnisa! Welcome to Club 30s. LOL..!!

Other than her, my favorite group is also having their anniversary today so I decided to draw them hohoho…


I hate to think that tomorrow’s Monday and this awesome weekend I got to spend with my loveliest has finally come to an end. Sigh..




Weekend #259: Nine Years Later

Two of my bestfriends are getting married to eachother last Saturday! I am beyond happy for them because I’ve known them for 12 years, and 9 years of the 12 is about how long they been together. Isn’t it awesommee?!


They’re one of a few couples I admire because they been so casual and funny and entertaining and nice and not cheesy at all 😜

Let’s congratulate them and wish for their happiness ever afterr~