More Updates!

I spent the whole October joining #inktober from one of the platform that gave prizes for the event, but I (unsurprisingly) didn’t win.

I’m gonna post some of the drawings I did after the last update I posted here, though. Post-instagram era I have begun to post here more seldom so I feel like I owe this blog’s readers (if any).

These three are made under one same reason that I can’t share with public. LOL.
Hint: it’s about my romance life. Moving on!


This one I made for Halloween 2017. What inspires me is how the idea of HALLOWEEN is where people put on their costumes to look scary or strange or amusing and whatnot. So if that’s the intention, then I shall be putting OFF my costume instead and show them my real self ‘cus that’ll do the job.

Those last four were inspired by my regular sadness that comes from… well, I’m not sure I’m supposed to say it here, but anyway.. it’s from something I do everyday.

Anyway, will write you again next time! Till then, stay updated on my instagram @dongdoodle! Follow follow followw!! ❤



Weekend #274: Meet The Artist

It’s been so long since the last time I posted here!!!

My laptop crashed and refused to boot up so I had to bring it to a service center and they reisntalled the OS and everything, so I lost everything in it including my precious data and of course: PHOTOSHOP. So I haven’t done a drawing since then because I actually haven’t reinstalled my Photoshop.

Anyway I got tagged my friend Uwi on instagram about this trending #meettheartist hashtag so I gotta start drawing again eventually.

Here’s my take on that challenge.


Do you have your own version of #meettheartist tag?