Weekend #269: My view this Saturday

On Saturday this was my view.


Went to Taeyang‘s show with my sub-squad (*LOL!)

He performed in the fest along with the other 2 artists (Akdong Musician and NELL – AkMu was the cutest things aliiiiivvvveeee!!! They were like chickadees I love them so muchh).

Since this wasn’t Taeyang’s solo concert, he only performed for about 50 minutes. Too bad, but better than not at all. He’s my favorite in BIGBANG, hehehe..


Weekend #250: Dae’s V Live

Dedicated my weekend drawing Daesung’s V Live show because it was my favorite V Live ever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t bother googling. You might not be interested after finding out anyway. Hmpf.


(I really wanted to draw my weekend, actually, because I went to Bali with my BFF but probably later. Too tired to draw many drawings hahahahaha)

Weekend #245: Weekend Kind of Working

This Saturday I gotta get to work.

The best concerts happen on weekend.
The best concerts happen on weekends.

No, not that kind of work. More like this kind of work:

Oh yeah I forgot I'm not one of those bands
Oh yeah I forgot I’m not one of those bands

BIGBANG and Epik High got to work on the weekends, too. I mean, they performed at A-Nation in Osaka, Japan last Saturday, and it’s not like it was a big deal, right. I hold no differences with BIGBANG and Epik High.



I know, right. The concert title sounds quirky I love it so much hahaha… Oh well, “MADE” is BIGBANG’s newest album and the concert is to promote the album, hence the title of the show.

Anyway! After last weekend I picked up my ticket to this concert with my friend, Dewi, this weekend we attended it! Along with our 5 other friends. The concert was awesome because BIGBANG always is, and because I simply went with my bestfriends (and most of any activity you do with your bestfriends would be awesome whatever it is). Because the promoter wasn’t the best one, though 😦


But we had fun!! Because BIGBANG is always awesome and our bestfriendship is also awesome!! Love us so much, Noonas!! ❤

(Can you guess which one is me on the drawing? Hehehehe)

Weekend #224: Val Day with The Sun

Went to Taeyang‘s RISE concert in Jakarta last Saturday (yes it was Valentine’s Day ^,^).

I won a Soundcheck Party ticket, so this I present you how I probably looked like on the pit when I was watching the soundcheck.


Youngbae without make-up was too cute to stare at. I couldn’t handle his cute little zits all over his lower cheeks!!!! And I was so close to the stage!!

**note** I watched the Soundcheck alone 😥 But I got to see the main show with my sisters and one of our good friends! It was super fun!! Thank you girlsss for our fun togetherrr! I love you all! ❤ (Was planning to draw you girls but I got too lazzzzyyyyy.. SORRRYYYY T__T)

Weekend #163: Died From Perfection

Watched G-Dragon‘s concert last night (Sunday, June 16, 2013).

And I died from the show’s perfection.


It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in my whole life.

It wasn’t (just) a concert, it was ONE, WICKED, PARTY!

I feel like I reeeeeaaaallly wanna hug GD after the show because despite everything, he has done a VERRRYYY GOOD JOB that night!! Bravo, Jiyongsshi! Gomawoyo!

Read my detailed review on my other blog here: Dive Into The Mind of Mine 🙂


Thank you to all my friends who have partied with me, too!

[ Definitely G-Dragon for President!!!! ]


P.S.: T.O.P has done a perfect job, too! Thank you Tabiyaa!! : )

P.P.S.: I forgot to color my hair half-pink in the drawing! LOL! I already died too soon.

Feature: Mural of Melodies

I haven’t listened to my iPod for a while now and I missed doing it.

But listening to music isn’t like watching movies or reading books. It’d just feel awkward to listen to music and not do anything else. Like, it’d be so awkward to listen to your iPod and just stare at your bedroom ceiling.

So I decided to make a mural while I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle.

Not JUST a doodle, but I’d write the song down everytime I’d start a new line of drawing. So you’ll know what song was playing when I drew that line.

Hahaha not a big deal, but I thought it’d be fun.

So here’s what it turned out like. (I wish I had a scanner, though, so I could scan the whole picture in good quality).





Can you guess how many songs it took for me to finish this drawing? Leave a comment! If you can mention the whole songlists, it’ll be better!

Have fun!


17 Hours of Dedication for BIGBANG

Last Friday was wicked.

Went to BIGBANG Fanmeeting event in Kemayoran, Jakarta.

If you want to know the detailed story, you can visit my other WordPress blog. It was a really long exhausting day, so I unintentionally wrote ELEVEN A4 pages of blog hahahahaha… But I divided it into 3 parts so you wouldn’t get as exhausted. It’s written in Bahasa Indonesia:




But if you’re not interested in novel-like blogpost, you can just see through a comic I drew about the day:


So at 6 a.m. I arrived and managed to get in the line.



At 9 am. it went chaotic. I didn’t care anymore if I wouldn’t be 1 of the lucky 1000 people who would get the pass to join the fanmeeting. All I cared was I had to be alive. If I had to see BIGBANG boys from the screen outside, SO BE IT!



Aw fuck the crowd. My sister managed to get us staff IDs.

Because she just rocks.

. . .


watched BIGBANG from the right side.

Watched BIGBANG from the left side.

Watched BIGBANG at the back.

Watched BIGBANG at the front.

Watched BIGBANG from the moshpit.

Who cared, I was a staff I could move around anywhere I want in the venue. HA!!!!

. . .

After the event, my friends and I went to the airport to say goodbye to the boys. LOL. It was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever done in my entire fangirling career but boy how I loved every bit of that moment!!! It was even better than the fanmeeting event itself LOL!!


The boys were soooooooooooooo far more handsome in close distance than they are on TV or even on the fanmeeting stage earlier! We were hypnotized we went blank after seeing them in front of our bare eyes!

Thank you to all the girls I went with, you girls rocked the hardest ever that without you I’m sure it wouldn’t be as awesome day!!!

(Let’s go to the airport again when G-Dragon comes next June, LOL! I might pass out, though.)