Weekend #272: Happy Halloween!!!

It’s the time of year I most love!

So I did not one, not two, but THREE drawings for this special day!




Happy Halloween! Trick or trick!! *for there is only tricks in this life, and no treat for us.


PS: I still love THIS drawing, though. I think this exceeds my expectation haha.

PPS: I’m like, so inconsistent on my style of drawing. Hahahahah..



Weekend #269: My view this Saturday

On Saturday this was my view.


Went to Taeyang‘s show with my sub-squad (*LOL!)

He performed in the fest along with the other 2 artists (Akdong Musician and NELL – AkMu was the cutest things aliiiiivvvveeee!!! They were like chickadees I love them so muchh).

Since this wasn’t Taeyang’s solo concert, he only performed for about 50 minutes. Too bad, but better than not at all. He’s my favorite in BIGBANG, hehehe..

Weekend #261: The Universe

The last entry I posted here was when I was in South Korea? Oh well, it’s been 2 weeks since I’m back home. In the mood to re-draw the sketch I did on the plane back from Seoul to Jakarta. It was one long trip so I got bored and started to doodle something on my sketchbook while listening to Paramore’s “Ain’t it fun”. It has something that says:

So what are you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?

Here’s what the sketch looked like:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.21.16 PM


And here’s what I did this Sunday on Photoshop:

But the universe doesn’t revolve around you…


I didn’t do the digital one by checking out my sketch so definitely there was something I miss argh I hate it haha.. The sketch makes somewhat more sense. Meh..

Anyway! Will do better next time hehe..