Hello! πŸ™‚

My name is Rara from Indonesia and I’m officially a Copywriter. Yes, a WRITER. But I’m too young to live my life writing only.

Besides, I believe I have been born with three passions that aren’t able to be taken away from me:
Writing, Drawing, and Music.

And because drawing has always been my hobby since I was just one-digit years old, I keep doing it as an escapism.

I draw whenever I’m bored, happy, sad, confused, excited, in love, in despair, basically whenever I have spare time (read: have NO job deadlines whatsoever).
Lately, I feel being less often drawing and afraid of losing my capability to draw.

So I challenge myself:
I have to draw at least once a week.

The challenge is actually inspired by DeviantART’s Community Project. It is a forum where DeviantART’s members (the deviants) aren’t only requesting for or trading artworks, but also asking to be challenged. Here, many of us offer free commissions! If your main focus is literature, you can ask people to challenge you to write some specific poetry for them. If you’re an illustrator, you can offer free commissions to draw something for anyone. And so on and so on…

So that’s how I started to challenge myself (I just can’t sit around and wait for people to challenge me with illustrations heheee..).

With the challenge, follows an idea to collect my once-a-week illustrations into a cute creative concept: this blog, Weekends Illustrated.

Onto this blog, I will post my illustrations; the illustrations which will be drawn every weekend – the (only) days I will have spare time to do my escapism πŸ™‚

So every illustrations I post will be about something I do or feel on the weekend. I will post the illustrations every Sunday or Monday (or… Tuesday if I get really busy — but usually if I get really REALLY busy I won’t even post anything hehe). Hopefully I can keep my commitment to this thing hehe…

About my other passion; Music, I think I’ll have another blog about it anytime (not) soon.

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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