Weekend #278: Rhythm Ta

I had an extremely bad day last Wednesday and I’m still feeling shitty even now after 3 days passed.

It’s so shitty I don’t even wanna talk about the details to anyone and I just wanna be left alone for a while until I get myself collected again.

I actually had to do my homework this weekend but I just didn’t have the energy to pick myself up just yet, so I watched iKon on Weekly Idol for a little “runaway”. Didn’t have a specific reason why I chose that show beside the fact that it just aired and I thought I should just keep up with the episode – being a YGstan that I am.

Not the biggest iKonic, though, so I didn’t actually follow their singles. I’ve heard a few, like ‘Anthem‘ and the one I drew here; ‘Rhythm Ta‘. But Weekly Idol made me want to listen to all iKon’s songs so I streamed them on Spotify.


I decided to draw them while listening to their Spotify page, because – I don’t know how it happened – but their music turns out to be even more awesome than I’d expected that it started to make me feel less shitty about last Wednesday.

I spent 4 hours finishing this drawing (while listening to them) and it felt really, REALLY therapeutic.

I should just do this again whenever I have shitty day.

…but I hope I won’t have a day as shitty as last Wednesday, though. It really was so shitty I wish I could just die for a while and come back alive when I’m ready later.

Anyway, thank you iKon for making such incredible music. I wish everyone’s job in this world could be as healing as yours. It really brings merit to many people. How noble, your job is ❤

P.S. My favorite song so far is “Welcome Back“.


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