Weekend #143: We Hate This Love Song

My sisters and I did a cover to BIGBANG’s “Love Song” this weekend.

I practically did almost everything on the recording — except singing HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

We didn’t do it in the studio, of course — (we did it in our bedroom with iPod & GarageBand), but I thought it would be fun to twist the real situation in drawing. We were pretending like recording artists, anyway. Gahahaha…


We aren’t musicians, so of course we screwed up. But honestly I’m pretty much proud of what we did, so I’ll put our final result here. (Yay!)

This is the original version, if you happen to be curious (it’s a one-shot video it’s so cool!):


5 thoughts on “Weekend #143: We Hate This Love Song

  1. I totally nailed Tabi’s part! Kkkkkk… Awesome work for the illustration and karaoke video. Me loveeee it!! And every time I play it, it always reminding me how much fun I had. Great guitar cover, btw. Makin me jiggin all the time!! Yeay!!

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