Weekend #127: Number 10 On The List, Checked!

Remember my “10 Things I Have To Do Before I Die” list?

Number 10 in that list is dipdye-ing my hair and that’s because ever since I saw this picture below on tumblr, I instantly fell in love with that hair and promised myself to do that on my own hair :p

. . .

Been YouTube-ing how to do that yourself and finally this weekend I did it! Thanks to my friends Amel and Uwi who helped me doing the process last Saturday 😀

. . .

This is the tutorial if you happen to want to do it also:

. . .

AH HELL, just watch the video Amel filmed for me:

It kinda failed, actually, because I wasn’t planning to have too much pink on the end of my hair, and there’s some bleached hair left uncolored, but it wasn’t so bad for a first-timer hahahaha…

For now, it looks like this for me:

Will probably fix it later again.



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