Weekend #119: Idiot Box

I don’t have cable TV. So I’m isolated with the stupid crappy TV shows on national TV channels this weekend.

The book* I’m bringing home isn’t so much helping also, since it sounds like Harry Potter so much. D’oh?

So here’s a bit of Incubus’ lyrics to their old old song “Idiot Box”:

Lets do our mom a favor and drop
a new god off a wall.
Let me see past the fatuous knocks.
I’ve gotta rid myself of this idiot box!
Let you see past the feathers and flocks,
and help me plant a bomb in this idiot box!

And my illustration about the same issue:


*) The book I’m talking about is “The Mysterious Benedict Society”.

PS. I should’ve drawn myself planting a bomb in the TV so it matched Incubus’ lyrics.



3 thoughts on “Weekend #119: Idiot Box

  1. Ngabuburit at home? Perfect! Watch Master Chef this afternoon! It’s a sinetron disguised as a cooking show, starring chef contestants with wild colored hair, tattoos and piercings \m/ IDK if I actually love this show or hated it, I usually watch it while doing something else…

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