Weekend #51: I WON THE CONTEST!

Remember last week I posted FIVE illustrations? It was in order to “take Jason Reeves #SticksAndStones challenge to the next level”. Click here to read more (–it’s an exciting post trust me!)

When February 11 finally came I got so nervous:

I can’t believe that it eventually turned out that…


So this weekend I drew the detail story about how I found out about it (you can click on the picture to enlarge it):


It’s official you can see it yourself in Jason’s website!

Below is the screenshot:


I got sweet congrats from my friends on Twitter as soon as I posted the news to my Twitter.

Thank you to everybody who has congratulated me 🙂

And the next day I got a lovely reply on Twitter by one of the winners.

It was a sweet honor:

Thanks, buddy. Your submission is lovely too 🙂

I’m so happy I can’t stop bragging about this. Hahahahaha!! Below is the result of having this blog link posted on Jason’s official website. One hundred and eighteen people visited Weekends Illustrated in one day!!!

Thank you all guys so much for… everything!

And thank you Jason (and your management team) for choosing me as one of the winners 😀



12 thoughts on “Weekend #51: I WON THE CONTEST!

  1. WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!


    Seeeee? My visualization becomes reality… you’d make the cutest babiesssss!!! AAAAA!!!

    *way tooo far, nnisa.. way too far…* :))

    1. huahahahaha nnisssaaaaaaa…. reading your reply makes me fly even higher than when i knew i won this thing hahahahahahahaaaa… aaahhh gak bisa tidur deh bayangin ramalan nnisa huahahahahaha.. *&@(?%@$(##80S#!+>?! *salting* x”>

  2. DODOLNYA POOOOOLLLL!!!! RARAAAAAAAAA!!! hahahahahahahahah…
    ayo kita baca ‘amiiin ya robbal alamiiiin…’
    semoga ada malaikat lewat dan ikut mengamini. jhihihihihi

  3. aku terharu.. sagat.. *meneteskan air mata cinta..merah..berdarah.. (lhoh!?!)
    CONGRATSSS DEARRRRRR… ikut senaanggg!!!!!!
    asekkkk,,traktirrrr..beliin MICKEEEYYYY donk buat cicihh.. 🙂

    Happy valentine dear! a big present yah dobel senangnya!

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