Weekend #26: I Could Eat a Fireball!

This is the (I’m pretty sure) 10th time my dream prince Jason Reeves replied my message.

But even after all this time, I still get these butterflies soaring every direction in my stomach when I found out he did it.

I was tweeting a link to my illustration I did that was inspired by his lyric (yes, illustration about him again hehe..), but I got zero response. Blah.

But I’m a pathetic regular fan who has a huge dream. So I wasn’t gonna stop trying to get him knowing I did an illustration for him.

I wrote his Facebook wall, giving him the link to the illustration.

And today, Sunday it is, I got so happy I could swallow a hot flaming fireball down my throat knowing he actually clicked the link I wrote on his Facebook wall.

I was gonna draw my Saturday instead, but then you’d have to see me working in front of 2 monitors again (like Weekend #24? NOT gonna happen).

That ain’t gonna entertain you. So I drew myself eating fireball instead 😛

Hope you like it!


3 thoughts on “Weekend #26: I Could Eat a Fireball!

  1. LOL 🙂
    You were right, this is clearly way more interesting than work related illustration.
    Congratulations again, Ra! You’ve talked to your Idol for… I dunno how many times… So happy for you!

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