Weekends Illustrated Feature: How could there be a wonderful person like Jason Reeves in this crappy world?

Something magical happened when I opened my eyes last Saturday (Feb 20). I think it’s worth featured in Weekends Illustrated. Since it happened in weekend. Here’s the story…

So I suppose my friends and those who constantly read my multiply blog would remember the day when I wrote how over-excited I was about Jason Reeves, my favourite guitarist, replying my tweet.

He was, back then, just finding out that people could actually do replies on Twitter. Hehehee.. that was so cute. So I tried to write a tweet myself, saying I wondered if @JasonReeves would read this tweet since he just found out that he could read mentions from people.

And there he was,
replying to me minutes later:

And there I was jumping around my house telling all the people that one of great Hollywood musicians just replied my friggin tweet.

Lately, I’d been wondering how to make him reply my tweet again. I thought I needed to do something that looked effortful. Something that looked special, something that I really did for Jason Reeves. Not just another written tweet.

Then I got an idea.

I love to draw. I love Jason Reeves. And I love Peter Pan. And I think Jason loves Peter Pan too.

So, I decided to mix all those things that I love into one:
I was going to draw Jason Reeves as a Peter Pan. He would be floating in the sky with Tinkerbell and The Lost Boys.

I thought that would be genious (hahahahahaa!!)

With jobs flooding in my desk, schedules packed in my agenda, I tried to put this little plan between my time. It could’ve been finished in one day, but I finished it in 4 or 5 days, I guess, because I only got about 30 minutes each day to work on it. The rest of my time would be dedicated to my paid job. Hem.

After it was finally finished, I was going to put it on deviantART and tweet about it in times when Jason usually tweets. I just wanted to make sure that my tweet wasn’t going to the second or third page of his timeline because all the other people in the world would keep mentioning him and pushing my tweet to the very bottom of his page. And made it out of Jason’s sight.

But I finally decided to post it soon. I just couldn’t wait to show it to the people. Not only Jason himself, but I wanted my friends to see my latest art too. My friends like my art 😀 So it was Friday evening, as it got up to my deviantART page, I tweeted it:

I didn’t expect to be replied by Jason, actually. Because I just ruined my own plan: I didn’t post the picture on the right schedule. So if people would push my tweet to the very bottom of the page and made it out of Jason’s sight, that would be okay. I was prepared for that.

To finally finish the art itself already made me happy.

But then there came this Saturday morning. It was 10 a.m. and I reached for my cellphone under my blanket. As usual, the first time I do every morning is checking out my Twitter timeline. Not watching the morning TV or reading the newspaper; I check my Twitter timeline.

Page one:
A friend taking her daughter to a park, a friend replying to my tweet about watching Valentine’s Day that I didn’t quite like, sister this and sister that, Jason Reeves writing poetic tweet, Michelle Branch going to the gym…

Page two:
Local celebrity on today’s national issue, a friend going to a vacation, Jason Reeves  writing poetic tweet again, Jason Reeves replying… me! And not only replying me, he RETWEETED the illustration I gave him!!




He saw it he saw it he saw it!!! He saw my illustration! (and everybody else would see my illustration because he ReTweeted it!) And he said ‘thank you’!

Man… How, on earth, could there possibly be a sweet, wonderful, extremely down-to-earth Hollywood artist like Jason Reeves?!

May God bless you always, Jason 🙂


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