Weekend #3 Extended: The Making of “Avatar”

I haven’t finished my Weekend #4 homework, so while waiting for it to be finished, I’ll give you an illustration bonus! How’s that? 😀 This is also to make up for my lateness in submitting my Weekend #3 last week hehe..

So I watched “Avatar” last Monday and just got the time to draw a joke about it. No offense guys, I love the movie I even want to watch it in 3D (yes unfortunately I watched it in 2D last week). It was a very eye-spoiling movie. But then again, after watching 2012 couple of months ago, I must regret the way Hollywood make a movie recently. They really rely on technology and seem like forget about the importance of good stories.

2012 had a great special effect. Avatar, also, had a very cool animation. I really love the forest they picture in the movie. It was very, VERY beautiful. But sorry, I hate the cheap story 😦

Enjoy the comic and please, once again, no offense. I still love Avatar anyway 😉


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