Weekend #279: Oh Well

Oh it’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog.

Instagram really changes the game, Man. If you wanna keep update with my new doodles, follow @dongdoodle on Instagram.

This weekend I drew something just because I haven’t drawn anything for the last.. I don’t know, couple of months?

I thought I could use some tool to channel my inner fucked-up shits in my head so here goes what’s been my life for the last thirty-something years.



I’ve been caught up with my personal project lately because I really want to release it soon; I’ve put it aside for too long now. It involves drawing, too, so it’s not that I haven’t drawn at all, it’s just I have a bunch of new doodles I can’t release yet.


PS.: sorry not sorry if my emo-ness makes you uncomfortable. Isn’t it good that you can just close this tab and forget what you just saw while this makes me uncomfortable, too, and I can’t runaway from it.

More Updates!

I spent the whole October joining #inktober from one of the platform that gave prizes for the event, but I (unsurprisingly) didn’t win.

I’m gonna post some of the drawings I did after the last update I posted here, though. Post-instagram era I have begun to post here more seldom so I feel like I owe this blog’s readers (if any).

These three are made under one same reason that I can’t share with public. LOL.
Hint: it’s about my romance life. Moving on!


This one I made for Halloween 2017. What inspires me is how the idea of HALLOWEEN is where people put on their costumes to look scary or strange or amusing and whatnot. So if that’s the intention, then I shall be putting OFF my costume instead and show them my real self ‘cus that’ll do the job.

Those last four were inspired by my regular sadness that comes from… well, I’m not sure I’m supposed to say it here, but anyway.. it’s from something I do everyday.

Anyway, will write you again next time! Till then, stay updated on my instagram @dongdoodle! Follow follow followw!! ❤


Catching Up!

Ahh it’s been a while since the last time I posted here. I have been really active on the Instagram instead, so you might want to visit my account HERE.

Just want to drop some drawings I’ve been uploading to my Instagram, just so it doesn’t look like I abandon this blog. LOL!

Brace yourselves, people!!


Click on each picture for bigger view!

*Wow I’ve been really productive, haven’t I..?? Hahaha..

Weekend #278: Rhythm Ta

I had an extremely bad day last Wednesday and I’m still feeling shitty even now after 3 days passed.

It’s so shitty I don’t even wanna talk about the details to anyone and I just wanna be left alone for a while until I get myself collected again.

I actually had to do my homework this weekend but I just didn’t have the energy to pick myself up just yet, so I watched iKon on Weekly Idol for a little “runaway”. Didn’t have a specific reason why I chose that show beside the fact that it just aired and I thought I should just keep up with the episode – being a YGstan that I am.

Not the biggest iKonic, though, so I didn’t actually follow their singles. I’ve heard a few, like ‘Anthem‘ and the one I drew here; ‘Rhythm Ta‘. But Weekly Idol made me want to listen to all iKon’s songs so I streamed them on Spotify.


I decided to draw them while listening to their Spotify page, because – I don’t know how it happened – but their music turns out to be even more awesome than I’d expected that it started to make me feel less shitty about last Wednesday.

I spent 4 hours finishing this drawing (while listening to them) and it felt really, REALLY therapeutic.

I should just do this again whenever I have shitty day.

…but I hope I won’t have a day as shitty as last Wednesday, though. It really was so shitty I wish I could just die for a while and come back alive when I’m ready later.

Anyway, thank you iKon for making such incredible music. I wish everyone’s job in this world could be as healing as yours. It really brings merit to many people. How noble, your job is ❤

P.S. My favorite song so far is “Welcome Back“.

Weekend #277: 7 Basic Human Emotions

My friend Uwi challenged me the other day to do #7DaysDrawingChallenge. I had to post 1 drawing each day for the whole week.

Because I’d need to post 7 drawings, I thought it’d be cool to draw “7 Deadly Sins”. But it’d be too predictable, wouldn’t it? So I decided to draw “7 Basic Emotions” instead.

Here are all drawings I posted on my instagram the other day.

What do you think? Hehehe..

Weekend #274: Meet The Artist

It’s been so long since the last time I posted here!!!

My laptop crashed and refused to boot up so I had to bring it to a service center and they reisntalled the OS and everything, so I lost everything in it including my precious data and of course: PHOTOSHOP. So I haven’t done a drawing since then because I actually haven’t reinstalled my Photoshop.

Anyway I got tagged my friend Uwi on instagram about this trending #meettheartist hashtag so I gotta start drawing again eventually.

Here’s my take on that challenge.


Do you have your own version of #meettheartist tag?


Weekend #272: Happy Halloween!!!

It’s the time of year I most love!

So I did not one, not two, but THREE drawings for this special day!




Happy Halloween! Trick or trick!! *for there is only tricks in this life, and no treat for us.


PS: I still love THIS drawing, though. I think this exceeds my expectation haha.

PPS: I’m like, so inconsistent on my style of drawing. Hahahahah..